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5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Essential to Your Businesses Success

1. Increased SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keywords
Many of the words that are used in online reviews are keywords that customers are using to find a product or service like your own. This increases the chance of future potential customers stumbling across your business, generating more interest in your company.

2. Gives you a platform to engage with customers.
Having online reviews gives you the opportunity interact with customers, the benefits of this is that it allows you to show gratitude for good reviews (reinforces the positive experience that the customer has with your service/product, encouraging them to return). It also enables you to learn from any constructive criticism that you may receive, allowing for the implementation of positive changes that will benefit your business.

3. They build credibility
Having multiple excellent online reviews will show potential customers that you are able to provide a service which is to the highest quality. These online reviews serve as testimonials, with real customers providing their real verdict on your service.

4. They are essential in customer decision making
Reading online reviews are an essential part of the decision-making process a customer goes through when choosing a product or service. Having good reviews will encourage to choose your product or service over a rival one, if you have substantially more in volume or if your reviews are more flattering.

5. Offers a second chance to make amends with dissatisfied customers
If a customer has left a particularly bad review explaining why the service or product provided wasn’t to the standard that they expected, replying to this review apologetically and by maybe offering them compensation might convince them to return in the future.

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