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Dealing with bad reviews as a business owner


Does a bad review always mean poor service was provided?

You can’t always please everyone, even the most well respected and credible businesses will have at least one bad review. It is important to not let a few bad reviews get you down if you are usually getting good feedback from customers, as it could just be that your product was just not the right fit for the customer.

Customers are also a lot more likely to leave a review of a bad experience than they are of a pleasant one, therefore a few bad reviews do not always equal a business that provides poor service. You also must consider the possibility that the customer was simply having a bad day and the bad review was an outlet for them to vent their frustration. The last possibility is that the customer is just naturally rude person and would go out of their way to leave a bad review even if they didn’t even receive poor service.

How you respond to these bad reviews however can be pivotal in how future potential customers view your business, as well as providing yourself the possibility to prove to the disgruntled customer that their review is in fact an incorrect summary of the service provided.

How to respond to bad reviews

The worst thing you can do when you get a bad review is delete it, this only reinforces the fact that you do not care about your customers and would rather brush the issue under the carpet instead of trying to find a solution.

Instead, it is important that you respond promptly to the customer, this shows that you are concerned about this issue which has been brought to light by the customer. Within the response it is important that you apologise and admit to any mistakes, responding on a personal level will show the customer that you are human, and people do in fact make mistakes. Be sincere with the customer, even if you disagree with the points being made in their review. The term ‘kill them with kindness’ goes a long way when tackling situations like these.

If any restitution is deserved, then it is important that you are consistent with all your customers. If you able to stay consistent when offering any kind of compensation, then this will make the customer significantly more likely to return and it means your business could avoid losing them as a customer. As well as this, it shows potential customers reading the bad review that you are a company that cares about its customers and look to make amends with them if they aren’t happy with your service.

How to get more good reviews

The quickest and most efficient way to get more high-quality reviews is to employ the services of an online reputation management like We Love These Guys. Our company will help you to generate hundreds of quality reviews which would help to vastly outweigh any bad reviews you currently have against your business.

We can help you obtain hundreds of 5-star reviews across dozens of different review platforms. This will improve brand awareness and increase the number of prospective customers contacting your business. To learn more, contact We Love These Guys on 0207 018 1949 or via

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