How Can Dentists Get More Reviews

Having positive online reviews can dramatically increase how many customers your dental practice receives each year. However, many dentists and clinicians struggle to obtain enough reviews, even if they are excelling at what they do.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to increase the number of reviews your practice receives each year. In this post, I’ll share some of these techniques and explain how using an online reputation management company can help you achieve even more reviews.


How Important Are Reviews?

Consumers increasingly rely upon online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. This is particularly true when they are making important decisions like choosing a dentist. The statistics are compelling:

Consumers will sometimes read dozens of reviews before even contacting a dentist. Their goal being to find a practitioner who is highly professional and has a track record of satisfied customers. If your practice does not have many positive reviews or suffers from negative reviews, it could be costing you dozens of enquiries each week.


How Can Dentists Get More More Reviews?

1. Deliver world class dental care and customer service

It’s impossible to obtain great reviews unless you are delivering brilliant dental care and great customer service. Do your best to ensure that your clients receive an incredible level of service from the moment of first contact through to payment of their invoice.

2. Ask for reviews from happy patients

Most satisfied clients will more than happy to leave a review. However, they often need to be reminded to do so. There are many ways to remind your clients to leave reviews, including emails, SMS messages, email newsletters, snail mail, and face-to-face requests. Don’t feel bad about making this request as most of your clients will feel that you value their opinion. They will be eager to share their positive experiences with others.

3. Make leaving reviews easy

The easier it is to leave reviews, the more likely it is that your clients will do so. Provide clients with direct links to a review creation page on your website along with links to your practice’s page on third party review sites like Yell, Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

4. Respond to reviews

The way that you respond to reviews can help you achieve more reviews. If a client leaves a positive review, show gratitude and humility. If a review is less than glowing, display empathy and be willing to address the concerns of your disgruntled patient. Your other clients will read these interactions and feel like you value the opinion of all of your clients. This makes them more likely to leave their own review.

5. Promote the positive reviews you receive

If a particularly favourable or insightful review appears on your website or a third party review site, we can help you incorporate it into your marketing. Feature it on your social media pages, on your blog, in digital ads, and other marketing channels. This will promote your business to new patients and motivate previous patients to leave a review.

6. Remove fake reviews

If you believe a review is from a competitor, ex-employee, or someone else with malicious intentions, remove it from your website. You may also be able to get malicious reviews removed from third party review websites. Getting rid of these dodgy reviews will ensure your online reputation remains strong and encourages clients to remain associated with your business.

7. Only promote trusted third party review websites

We Love These Guys can help you avoid dubious third party review websites that you do not want to send your clients to. If you send them to a review website that doesn’t have a valid privacy policy, they will baulk at the idea of handing over their email address. We can suggest the review sites that are best suited to your industry.

8. Employ an online reputation management firm

The simplest way to obtain more reviews and maintain a stellar online reputation is by leaving it to the professionals. We are Online reputation Specialists that are experts in obtaining genuine reviews and interacting with the clients who have left reviews. We can help you generate dozens of positive reviews that bolster your online reputation and make your business even more successful.

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