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The Importance Of Online Reviews For Healthcare Professionals

The importance of reviews for healthcare professionals

Over the last decade, the internet has become a major influence on how organisations go about managing their business. Not only that, it now plays a vital role in aiding customers to discover your business and its services.

Before the digital age

Before, a business would have to rely on ‘word of mouth’ to build up their reputation and spread the word on how great a service they offer. One of the obvious drawbacks of this is that it could take a while before anyone even hears about your business. In the world of healthcare professionals, most people will use the same company for an extended period of their lives, meaning that most people will use the same dentist as their family members due to not being aware of any better alternatives. However, if this person was to leave their hometown and move to a new city, chances are they would have to rely on advertisements from businesses as to who they would like to be their next dentist for example.

Why are reviews in this sector vital for business?

Due to the nature and price of many procedures in the healthcare industry, the decision to undergo one is not often something taken lightly as many procedures, in particular cosmetic surgery, can be extremely difficult and expensive to correct if the customer is dissatisfied or if not done correctly. This combined with the high costs (the cost of an average facelift in the UK is generally between £4,200 and £5,800), means that for the vast majority of customers, seeing positive reviews from other people who have had a procedure that they’re considering having done will put their mind at ease that they are making the correct decision.

This is where online reviews are so important, 51% of consumers now use search engines to look for dentists. A quick search for ‘Dentists’ on Google Maps will show countless dental practices within the local area as well as reviews from other Google users. A survey by US internet users found that customer reviews are an astonishing 12 times more trusted than descriptions provided by businesses and manufacturers (eMarketer, 2010).  When looking for a dentist, cosmetic surgeon or eye surgeon, Google was the most used search engine (Ceatus Media Group). From these facts it’s easy to suggest that having more 5-star reviews on Google will substantially improve your credibility and in turn attract more customers

What is the best way to get more reviews?

The quickest way to obtain more high-quality online reviews for your business is to employ the services of an online reputation management company like We Love These Guys. Our company will help you generate hundreds of high-quality reviews using innovative techniques that increase the likelihood of clients leaving reviews.

We can help you obtain hundreds of 5-star reviews across dozens of different review platforms. This will improve brand awareness and increase the number of prospective customers contacting your business. To learn more, contact We Love These Guys on 0207 018 1949 or via

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