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What Are The Best Online Review Platforms?

Positive online reviews can provide a massive boost to your business, product, or service. They improve brand awareness, increase sales, enhance your reputation, bolster search engine rankings, and much more.

One of the best ways to take advantage of customer reviews is to use an online review platform. Online review platforms make it easier to collect reviews and integrate them within your website. They also provide valuable insight into what consumers think about your products and services.

How Do Online Review Platforms Work?

Online review platforms are web applications which collect, aggregate, and display reviews and other user-generated content. They allow users to share comments, photos, product attribute ratings and other review content for business, products and services.

Many of these platforms also provide tools for collecting and displaying reviews on third party websites. These tools make it simple for businesses to collect and share reviews on their own website.

Businesses can obtain many benefits from using online review platforms, including:

Consumer intelligence

Accepting customer reviews give businesses a much better understanding of what their customers are thinking. Customer reviews contain valuable information which helps business owners identify any problems or successes within the business.

More credibility

Consumers read user reviews to determine the trustworthiness and professionalism of a business. If you display user-generate reviews directly on your website from an online review platform, it shows potential customers that you are proud of your performance. This makes your enterprise far more credible.

Easier integration of review functionality into your website

Many online review platforms will tools for collecting and displaying user reviews on your website. You won’t need to significantly modify your website to add this valuable functionality.

Monitoring and reporting

Some online review platforms will feature sophisticated monitoring and reporting tools. These tools will analyse the quality of your reviews along with how they are being used across the Internet.

Brand advocates

Online review platforms can help you collaborate with influencers and brand advocates who love your products. You can form relationships with these individuals to promote your business in new ways.

What Are The Best Online Review Platforms?


Trustpilot is one of the world’s largest review websites. Founded in 2007, it is used by millions of consumers each day to determine the quality of business, products, and services.

About 3 billion Trustpilot reviews are viewed each month, with about 1.2 million new reviews being written over the same period. It provides an excellent third party review system, which makes it simple for businesses to add reviews to their business website or to individual products. You can also set up review requests and surveys which are sent to a user after they completed a purchase.

Key Features:

Automated review reminders
Customer surveys
Advanced analytics
Accepted by Google as a trustworthy rating system
Professional presentation
Individual product review make it ideal for eCommerce websites


Free starter package
Lite – from £165/month
Pro – from £449/month
Enterprise – contact Trustpilot for a quote


Yotpo is a comprehensive online review platform with several innovative features. It is designed to integrate effectively with eCommerce websites as it can be used to collect reviews for individual products. It is a particularly good choice for boosting conversion rates with user-generate review content.

Yotpo uses a Mail After Purchase (MAP) model to generate reviews. MAP automatically contacts customers via email post-purchase, asking them to leave a review or complete a survey. Yotpo’s best feature is that surveys and reviews can be completed in the customer’s email inbox — they don’t need to go to a third party website.

Key Features:

  • Mail after purchase system
  • Customer surveys and reviews
  • Easy review/survey submission process
  • Includes up-sells in customer emails
  • Excellent integration with social media
  • Users encouraged to leave photos in their reviews
  • Highly customisable
  • Robust analytics


  • Free forever (£0 with limited features)
  • Premium (Pricing starts at £39/month)


PowerReviews has developed a powerful review platform designed to leverage user-created content to empower consumers and brands. It is one of the most diverse online review platforms which combines rating and reviews, social media, FAQs, influencer tracking, customer experience tools, and advanced user analytics.

The reviews generated by PowerReviews can include product attributes, which helps customers understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual products. Another great advantage of using this platform is the open syndication network, which shares review content across major platforms like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Key Features:

  • Ratings, reviews, questions and answers
  • Powerful social media suite
  • Content syndication
  • Seller ratings
  • Review collection accelerator
  • Advanced analytics suite


  • Varies based on packages selected


Reevoo is a highly-intelligent review platform that generates authentic review content for brands, services, and products. The system gathers and posts content from real customers and syndicates it to a variety of sources. Reviews can be moderated and validated before publication and there are a variety of APIs to distribute content to third party websites.

Key Features:

  • Excellent review and rating management
  • Social reach
  • Product reviews
  • Powerful reports and analytics section
  • Content aggregation and syndication
  • Google seller ratings


  • Free

Qualtrics CX

Qualtrics Customer Experience is an extremely powerful software tool developed to gather customer feedback. It helps you gather reviews from customers, along with traditional surveys and pulse surveys. This user-generated information can be shared online and analysed using Qualtrics advanced administration section.

This software uses the company’s predictive intelligence engine (iQ) to extract insights and predict the drivers of a businesses customer experience. In other words, it evaluates reviews to help you understand what customers think about your business. It is absolutely packed with features.

Key Features:

  • Customer review and survey acquisition tools
  • Customer satisfaction scores
  • Powerful API
  • Automate responses
  • Text analysis, predictive analysis, and statistical analysis
  • Customisable dashboards


  • Free version (Limited features)
  • Premium (Pricing on request)

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